Beta 1.1.0
Under construction
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Version Beta 1.1.0 - Under construction


volcanes.xpcid.com website is a personal project as a collaboration to global network to publish information about volcanoes that exists on our planet.

The first step was develop a map with all volcanoes on the world. This map can show information about each volcano when clicking on the mark.

Content will be translated to spanish language, adds the volcanoes that don't are on the map and will added pages with volcanoes classification, eruption types, etc. etc.

Credits about the initial data and what has been used to develop this map you can see in the credits section.

Website access is and will be without expecting any payment. If you want to donate money to he project to accelerate growth or to encourage the development of similiar websites with maps about other things, click on the Paypal logo at the top of the page.

If you want to collaborate with additional content, ideas, repor any bugs or useful anything else not hesitate to contact by clicking on the menu to write a message to the programmer.


  • Beta 1.1.0
    • To improve the performance of the page was made that the information balloons will download when the user click on the brand of a volcano on the map using AJAX.
  • Beta 1.0.0
    • Map with Google Maps API 3
    • All information balloons are downloaded when the user visit this website.


The coordinates source that used to mark volcanoes positions on the map is a KMZ file published by the Smithsonian Institute Global Volcanism Program in this page.

Global Volcanism Program communicates explicitly that these file are not static so volcanes.xpcid.com will update data with some frequency depending on contents published by this program.

The last update that was taken from the mentioned page on March 8th, 2012.

The map is displayed using the free service from Google Maps API 3.

This website has been developed nonprofits. In a future, the content provided by Global Volcanism Program will be translated to spanish language and increase the volcanoes list and images and information for each one where possible.